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Join these awesome women and men who will be competing to see who walks away with the X-FACTOR big payday and title!

Happy to announce if schedule permits, Country Artist Neal McCoy will open up one of the days singing the National Anthem and a few of his hit songs.


If you recognize that smile, you know it’s the one and only Christopher Atkins

Chris is best know for his role in Blue Lagoon, The Pirate Movie, Dallas and so many more movies.

We are excited to announce that Chris Atkins and will be our Celebrity Rodeo announcer for our short go rounds at the finals.

Do you have the X-FACTOR?

Join us for fast-action packed barrel racing sponsored by RodeoHard.com & SaddleBarn.com.

What are the dates for the 2021 X-FACTOR ELITE WORLD FINALS?

X-FACTOR RACE: April 30th, May 1-2, 2021 at

Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre

- Queen Creek, Arizona.

Covered Arena

  • Friday – Day 1 Qualifier Go-Round (Top 15 from each division will advance to the Showdown Round).
  • Saturday – Day 2 Qualifier Go-Round (Top 15 from each division will advance to the Showdown Round).
  • Sunday – X-Factor Showdown Round – Top 30 of each Division from the Qualifier Go Rounds will compete for who will be crowned the X-Factor Champions.

World Finals will be filmed and air on EPONAflix Roku channel and RodeoTube.TV.

Click here to get EPONAflix on Roku

Special ELITE CARD MEMBERS 5D Race & Non-Qualifier Race during finals.

This Schedule includes the:

  • $5,000 Added & Growing – X-FACTOR 5D ELITE WORLD INVITATIONAL FINALS (2 Qualifying Rounds & Short Go) Top 15 from each division each day will come back to the Showdown Round. Fees $295 – 5D Format 1/2 second splits
  • Youth Sidepot – Entry Fee $50 (Contestants 17 & younger)
  • Senior Sidepot – Entry Fee $50 (Contestants 50 & Over)
  • Elite Card Member Race Only – Saddles to Winners of each Division – 4D format
  • New Member/Non-Qualifier 4D Race Buckles to the Division Winners. EF $75
  • PeeWee Class Only 8 & Under – 1 Go Round EF $10 May 2nd.
  • Tentative Open to the World Breakaway Roping – 2 runs & Short Go EF $295 (No qualifications anyone can enter).  Added Money TBD.

Stalls Available and Overnight Parking.


Top 8 in the “X-Sidepot” point standings at midnight March 31, 2021, will automatically get to advance to the short go. You can still run for Day Money in Round 1 and 2 but will automatically advance into the short go.


Three ways to get an invitation:

1. Membership Qualifications Met

2. Non-Members are in the Top 75 in the Point Standings through X-Sidepot* by the end of March 31, 2021.

3. Attend and win an OPEN 5D Elite Qualifier Race at an X-Factor Event. All Division winners at the race will get an invite.

*X-Sidepot any Open Event or Rodeo you are attending anywhere in the USA to earn points to go to the finals.


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